Price List

To maintain the highest hygiene and care quality, we always bathe the dogs before we cut/trim/brush their hair.


small dogs – from 50 PLN
medium dogs – from 70 PLN
large dogs – from 90 PLN
giant dogs – individual prices

Bath and cut

small dogs – from 100 PLN
medium dogs – from 130 PLN
large dogs – from 160 PLN
giant dogs – individual prices

Bath and trim

small dogs – from 150 PLN
medium dogs – from 180 PLN
large dogs – from 230 PLN
giant dogs – individual prices

Bath and brush

small dogs – from 90 PLN
medium dogs – from 120 PLN
large dogs – from 150 PLN
giant dogs – individual prices

Claw trimming

cutting claws – 15 PLN*

Ear Care

cleaning ears – 15 PLN*

Paw care

conditioning paw cushions – 15 PLN*


10 PLN*


60 PLN/h

* included in the cut and trim prices

The price list indicates an estimate cost, the final cost of the service is determined individually. It depends mainly on the condition and type of coat, tangling, the size of the dog and its behaviour.

Closer estimation of the cost is possible only after we see and inspect the dog before the service or after the completion of the service, especially at the first visit.