Regulations of the salon:

  1. In order to make an appointment, book a date by phone or in person, informing the groomer about the condition of the coat and the health of the dog. If this is your dog’s first visit, please let us know so that we can reserve more time to get your pup used to the grooming treatments.
  2.  In case you need to cancel your visit, please contact us by phone at least one day in advance. Any failure to inform about the cancellation of a booked visit at least 24 hours in advance will result in a fine of PLN 50.
  3. Please bring and pick up your pets on time. Any unannounced delay of more than 15 minutes will result in the cancellation of the visit.
  4. Please do not feed your dog immediately before the visit to the salon, and arrange for a longer walk to make sure the dog goes to the toilet before the visit.
  5. Do not bathe your dog before trimming (min. 1 week).
  6. The services are performed without the administration of any pharmacological agents or violence against animals. We do not serve sedated dogs.
  7. In the salon we perform only complex services including: professional bathing, brushing, hair styling, haircut/trimming, shortening claws, cleaning the ears and eye area.
  8. Detangling heavily tangled hair is an additionally charged service, the price is determined individually in the salon after inspecting the dog.
  9. In the case of a very tangled coat, the plan for the hairstyle may change – what counts most is the dog’s welfare and comfort.
  10. The salon uses only certified professional cosmetics for dogs.
  11. The workstation and tools are disinfected and sterilized after each customer.
  12. Owners of aggressive dogs are requested to inform the staff about the possibility of biting and muzzling the dog. If, despite the muzzle, the dog cannot be controlled, the groomer has the right to resign from further stages of the service and charges a fee appropriate to the work done and the time spent.
  13. To facilitate the work of the groomer and shorten the time of service, the dogs are cut without the presence of the owner. In the absence of the owner the dog is calmer and more willing to cooperate with the groomer.
  14. It is not recommended to bring female dogs in heat for hygiene and comfort of other salon customers.
  15. The groomer is not responsible for the deterioration of the health of a dog whose owner has not disclosed the existence of the following diseases: colds, epilepsy, heart and circulatory diseases, allergic skin diseases, skin lesions and nodules, infectious diseases – we do not serve sick dogs!
  16. Old, sick, fearful or mentally unbalanced dogs or dogs after treatments are only given trimming at the request of the owner and at their responsibility.
  17. Insect control is mandatory and is carried out at the dog owner’s expense without prior agreement.
  18. Dogs brought to the salon must have a valid vaccination against rabies, otherwise the groomer may refuse to provide the service.
  19. In our salon a dog is picked up only by the person who brought it, unless that person indicates another individual.
  20. The salon has the right to use the image of the dog for promotional and advertising purposes.

By leaving the pet under the care of the Stylowy Pupil salon, the client accepts all the terms and conditions of the above regulations.