We cut dogs’ hair after proper hair preparation (bath with drying, nourishment and combing). We use a professional machine and special scissors. The hairstyle we give to a dog depends on the type and structure of the coat and the preferences of the owner.


Trimming is mainly given to rough haired dogs. With this type of fur, dead hair does not fall out by itself and causes incorrect ventilation of the skin and a sensation of discomfort. Thanks to the treatment your four-legged friend will be able to enjoy beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.
A different technique of trimming is applied in dogs with smooth and short hair. Systematic removal of dead “needles” we will minimize the problem of fur stuck in sofas, bed linen or carpets and give your dog’s fur a shiny and healthy look.

Removing undercoat

This treatment will be appreciated by all pet owners who still wish for a home without dog hair everywhere. Undercoat is a soft layer of hair right next to skin. It has an insulating function and makes your dog “fluffy”. Not all breeds have it, but if they do, it is usually felted, which is why systematic brushing is so important, especially during the seasonal change of hair.


Bathing is one of the basic care activities for getting rid of dirt, impurities from hair and skin, dead epidermal cells and unpleasant smell. It is essential in achieving the desired end result, as it makes it possible to model your dog’s hair while drying for the look you want. Bathing a dog also means getting rid of some of the dead hair.
In addition, your dog is massaged during the bath, which has a calming effect.


This conditioning treatment is performed during the bath. It improves the condition of the fur, and gives professional nourishment to the coat, which will shine beautifully, and will be more easily brushed and less electrified.


There are various types of dog hair – some breeds require systematic brushing especially before cutting. I offer treatments especially suited for these dogs consisting in thorough brushing and use of conditioners, which will provide maximum nourishment, hydration and regeneration of the damaged coat.

Eye area care

This activity consists in the removal of unaesthetic tear discolourations and excess secretion with the use of swabs and a lotion specially designed for this purpose.

Ear care

We remove excess earwax with cotton balls and special wax dissolving formulas. In more demanding breeds, we will also get rid of excess ear hair that it does not block the ear canal.

Paw care

Your pup’s paws require special care in order to protect them from the harmful effects of weather conditions. Regular removal of hair between pads prevents dirt, salt and snow from sticking to the paws.

Claw trimming

If need be, we will trim your dog’s claws to achieve the right length so that they do not cause discomfort while walking.


We apply perfumes to make sure your dog’s hair remains fresh, to nourish the coat structure and to prevent felting and tangling of the hair. Thanks to the treatment you will enjoy your dog’s beautiful appearance and fragrance.